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Domestic Abuse Bill

The Bill passed it's Second Reading on Tuesday 28 April and was met with powerful readings and overwhelming support from every party. You can watch the reading from each MP here.

Next it will be considered in detail in a Public Bill Committee. When membership of the committee is decided, it will be announced here.

The bill is the most comprehensive package ever to tackle this horrendous crime and has been widely welcomed by charities and stakeholders.

Campaign supported by Charities and the Domestic Abuse Commissioner

Safe Lives, End Violence Against Women, CWJ, Women's Aid and Nicole Jacobs all agree this is abuse.

Find out more in the campaign brief 

Queen's speech

Set out the Conservative government's agenda for the year ahead and includes courts work better for all those that engage with them including victims of domestic abuse (4mins 52)

Launched petition, social media and article to find others

Went public to raise awareness and find others. Article here and links to social at the bottom of the page.

Please sign and share the petition Leading a double life to be recognised as abuse

MPs inspire action

Met with local MP Kwasi Kwarteng who supported the ambition to find other victims and campaign for change.

Campaign started after watching MP Rosie Duffield give an emotional speech in the Commons about her personal experience of domestic violence saying sometimes there are no bruises. She encouraged others to come forward.

Coverage of coercive control in the media

Consistent theme for double life abuse

Consistent theme for double life abuse

Consistent theme for double life abuse


Double life TV series

Consistent theme for double life abuse

Consistent theme for double life abuse


  Mrs Wilson

 A miniseries executive produced by, and starring Ruth Wilson. The actress plays her real-life grandmother, a widow who uncovers a mysterious and secret life following the death of her husband. 


 Sheltered London professor Jonah Mulray tries to unravel the mystery behind his wife Megan's sudden death. After learning she was killed in a car accident, he travels to Hong Kong and makes a shocking discovery.